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ultra luxury bedroom and bar

When designing an ultra-luxury bedroom and bar spaces, incorporating a grey and beige color scheme can convey a sense of elegance and sophistication. 

The bedroom can be designed with a neutral color palette of warm grey and beige tones, with the inclusion of plush fabrics and cozy textures. This can be accomplished by adding luxurious bedding, throws, and accent pillows in soft, subtle hues.


A feature wall can be painted in a darker shade of grey or beige and adorned with a unique piece of artwork or a beautiful mirror, adding depth and visual interest to the room.

The lighting in both spaces should also be carefully thought out as it can make or break the ambiance. The bedroom should have multiple lighting sources with soft, warm tones to help create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. On the contrary, brighter, more dramatic lighting elements like chandeliers, pendant lighting, or LED shelves, can enhance the grandeur and elegance of the bar area.

King Size Mantion

An independent house with a modern facade and interior designed for luxury should be an embodiment of both form and function. A modern house design exterior typically features clean lines, sharp angles, and minimalistic elements. The exterior should have large windows that allow natural light to penetrate throughout the house, while floor-to-ceiling windows can be incorporated to offer spectacular views of the surrounding environment.

Inside, a luxury home should employ high-quality materials, where wood and marble are predominant, this not only looks beautiful but also serves for durability. The use of neutral or muted tones creates a contemporary and welcoming atmosphere. This neutral color palette can serve as a perfect backdrop for statement furniture and decor pieces that add a pop of color and character to the interiors. Lighting is also vital for a luxury home, for this, we can use different kinds of luminaires such as pendant or chandeliers, where warm-toned bulbs can be used to create a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Neo Classical design

Designing a wow-worthy flat requires careful consideration of the individual’s lifestyle and preferences. A good starting point for creating an unforgettable living space is to select a unique color palette that reflects a personalized statement of style.

For instance, a bold, modern apartment can feature monochromatic color schemes with high-quality finishes such as matte white, black, and greys. To add character, we can include statement lighting fixtures that provide edgy design elements.

Wallpaper with graphic patterns in bold colors can be used to create an accent wall and add some flair to the space. With a modern approach to the wall finishes, wall art and custom-made floating shelves become necessary for add-ons.

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